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White Tiger Capital, Art & Design

New construction, Texas

White Tiger Capital is a consulting agency focused on the added value of fine art & design


Interior Styling


Fine Art Advisory

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Alternative Asset Funds

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Paris Property Hunting

Interior styling, renovation management, property search in Paris

A French transplant to Austin, Karine Dessenne has 20 years experience in business development for the fashion and interior design industries in Europe and the US. This expertise ranges from financial modeling to collaborating on design with service providers and suppliers all around the world. As comfortable with numbers as the aesthetics of design, she can manage your interior design project or find your dream apartment in Paris. Download portfolio.

Alternative asset investments & Fine Art Advisory

Carlos Cardenas, has over 20 years experience advising high net-worth individuals on alternative asset acquisitions and management of fine-art as an asset class. He has brokered high-value transactions across the US, Europe, and Asia. Born in Paraguay, and raised in Texas, he lived in Paris for 20 before returning to Texas in 2015, where he has been focused in alternative financial vehicles in the form of private equity funds and syndications focused on commercial real estate, venture capital, healthcare, and of course, fine-art. 


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